Our web-site KonnaArka has started its final test-drive!

Dear friends! Today we are ready to finalize our service lay-out to make it mostly comfortable for your use. We think it would be reasonable to start from our Special Offer hence you can get Full Service Access for any Free Donation! This Special Offer will be Valid for each Registered User.

Just follow 3 easy steps and you will get the Full Service Access for the next 30 days:

Step 1.Make any amount Free Donation to support our Project by following this reference. How to make Free Donation in One Step
Step 2.Receive email at your mailing address and follow the reference attached in this mail in order to activate it
Step3.Follow the reference and activate your Maximal User Plan with Full Acesss to our Service.

This Special Offer Validity will expire after 01.01.2024


Later you can keep using our free of charge services or choose to purchase one of our Special Package Services

Total anount of your Donation in Spesial Offer Period will be used for your future payments of chosen Service Plan

Full information about our Prices and Rates you can find here .

We advise you not to miss an opportunity to get access to Full Service for a low rate and help with development of our prospective project!

We will be grateful for your feedback and advice about our new service.
Any corrections of mistakes or misfits at this reference would be deeply appreciated.



*Also you have an option to prolong the Special Offer time for 30 days more if you will deposit new Donation before the date of Special Offer experation date.

The validity of your access can be also.prolonged by KonnaArka Team Administration if necessary.

All Donation send to us from your Personal Office kept at your Personal ballance account and after the experation of Special Offer Period can be used for the activation of Your chozen Service Plan.

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